In this article you I will discuss the meaning or meanings that express the word ( Escort) Whether it is a literal meaning or a term, and will present all the different definitions .

The literal meaning of Escort :


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1a(1) : a person or group of persons accompanying another to give protection or as a courtesy

(2) : a man who goes with a woman to a social event

(3) : a woman or a man who is hired to go with someone to a social event often used before another noun an escort service/agency

b : a protective screen of warships or fighter planes or a single ship or plane used to fend off enemy attack from one or more vulnerable craft

2 : accompaniment by a person or an armed protector (such as a ship)

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Someone who is paid for their time. Often compared to a prostitute.
An escort is not paid to have sex but is paid for their time. What they do within their time is their business, which could in fact be sex.
Guy: I paid for an escort last night for the banquet
Guy 2: A prostitute?
Guy: Nah man. An escort.
by LilMissToru May 28, 2016
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indexA person that is pretty much a prostitute. But doesn’t describe themselves in that matter and calls themselves classy except they are pretty much doing the same thing like the hookers on the street you see. They go to men with more money and in higher class.

“I don’t think what I’m doing is illegal. I’m not cheap like some of the women you see on the streets. I’m just an escort to men.”
“Umm hun, you are doing what those other whores are doing which is selling you body. You are just doing it to men with more money and mostly that are married.” An Escort is hired as a temporary companion who may or may not be used for sex. Escorts have expenses that enable them to charge higher fees.
An Escort may run ads; need makeup, phones, boots, clothes and other accessories. An Escort generally has dental bills. An Escort may have a fan web site, and use agencies to find work. Street walkers generally do not have fixed expenses. All a Streetwalker has to do is step off of the curb. A british variant of the popular ford escort model, produced in various forms from 1969-1998, which looks far better than the american model and, in certain guises, is actually a good car. latter models are mainly populated by chavvy twats who kit the piss-poor front wheel drive models with massive farty exhausts and wanky decals whilst listening to hardcore rave music; earlier ones are mainly found kicking up massive clouds of mud whilst drifting on a rally race.

what means escort in my opinion :

in my opinion escort is have many meaning , must popular Definition that :

escort girl or male is not mean someone is offering sexual services i think that is person who ask money for sex is have other definition it is Prostitution actually escorting is Different definition because that person is ask money for time only nothing else

– example : if i call escort in Istanbul what we can to do ?

– that time you can spend it in talking in massage you can ask your model give you massage in Istanbul or you , you can go to cinema in Istanbul there is many VIP cinema in Istanbul you can spend your time with your model also in coffee or bar disco or nightclub , and also there is Scenic areas of Istanbul ,

We have an Arab who says: The best three things are water, air and good face .

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